4 Reasons Why You Need an Architect

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1. You Need an Architect if You Want Imaginative and Creative Thinking…

You want creative ideas and skilful design to maximise the potential of your project. An architect will help you determine exactly what you need and come up with inventive ideas to solve even the most complex design problems. Think of us as professional 3D problem solvers! An architect can and should lift your project out of the ordinary. Truly good design will inspire, delight and provide a life enhancing environment for decades. Whether it’s a modern extension, a period restoration or a new building, there will be architects whose ideas and creativity will help to realise and even exceed your aspirations.


2. You Need an Architect if You Want Peace of Mind….

Architects are chartered professionals. Like doctors and lawyers, we have completed university degrees and diplomas and lengthy practical experience, and we have passed a series of rigorous exams set down by the RIBA  (Royal Institute of British Architects). No other building professional is trained in design and construction to such a level of expertise. Our minimum 7 year training covers many areas, ranging from design to structural engineering, contract law and building science.  An architect can only legally call themselves an architect if they have passed RIBA parts 1 -3 and have registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board).

A good architect provides a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings – we will handle the administration, bring value for money, peace of mind and imagination to your project whilst keeping it on track.


3. You need an Architect if you want Expertise…

An architect has the expertise to guide you through the intricacies of obtaining all the necessary consents including Planning, Listed Building and Building Regulations Approvals. During construction you have someone on your side who can guide you through the legislation, regulations and contractual arrangements. An architect will help you find a good builder and then inspect the work and challenge him if mistakes are spotted. The architect can handle the tough aspects of contract negotiations on your behalf, allowing you to maintain a friendly, cooperative relationship with your contractor. Your building should be carefully detailed and technologically sound so that it will work properly. An architect can advise on the best construction methods to give you a well-insulated, draught free and comfortable building within your budget constraints.

4. You Need an Architect if You Want Value for Money…

The knowledge and creative skills of an architect can deliver value well in excess of the fees we charge. We will help you achieve your aspirations and guide you through the design and construction process. You only get one go at a build and you (probably!) cannot afford to get it wrong, so investing in a good architect makes sense. An architect can advise you how to keep the project costs under control from concept to completion and occupation. We can provide a design tailored to your budget, reduce on site changes/costs by providing thorough construction information before building work starts, heading off problems by controlling the process, and ensuring you get the right finished article.

Value for money does not stop when the construction work is finished: an architect can detail a building to ensure optimum energy efficiency, low maintenance and reduced running costs, and this will save you money for years after the build is complete. Finally, good design produced by a knowledgeable architect can add value to your home because a beautiful, energy efficient, functional house generally has a higher market value. This may require a higher  initial outlay, but consider the return on your investment: it could  make it really worthwhile.

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