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Things to consider:


1] What are you hoping to achieve?

What are your priorities or the “must haves” of your project?  This might be firm design ideas or simple practicalities such as a family kitchen that will have space for a large dining table and sofa.  Of course you should also think about all the “would like to haves” as more of these may be achievable than you think.


2] Budget

The budget you have available will determine what it is possible to achieve and it is helpful even in early discussions for the architect to be aware of budgetary constraints in order to be in a position to discuss realistic options and ideas.


3] Design influences

What kind of things do you like?  Tastes and styles vary enormously, if you are able to show the architect the kind of spaces and buildings that appeal to you this can help guide discussions.

Even in the very early stages of thinking about a project we would recommend that you make full use of the internet and magazines to start to think about this.  Pinterest and Dezeen are great sources of inspiration as well as architecture and interiors magazines such as Homebuilding and Renovating, Grand Designs etc.


4] Prepare questions

Think about what you need to know at this stage.  If you have never undertaken a project on this scale before you will need to understand how the process works. Your architect will guide you through this step by step. You may have questions like “Will I need planning approval?”, “How much will it cost?”, “How long will it take?” etc.


5] And if you don’t like something say so

If you don’t like an architect’s ideas, do say so, it will help make your discussions and any future working relationship far more productive. Remember the architect doesn’t know you (yet) and needs to develop and understanding of your preferences.


6] Finally…

Undertaking a building project can be stressful.  Your architect needs to be someone that you feel that you can work with.  Do they seem to understand what you are looking for?  Do you get on with them?  Do you like their ideas?  Are you confident that they will give you the support that you need? Do they have the right level of experience?

Here at Hetreed Ross we aim to make the process of creating new buildings and spaces an enjoyable and exciting process that results in life enhancing environments for our clients.





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