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Where Do I Start?

If you are contemplating a building project you have an opportunity to create something unique, bespoke, and delightful; it can also be an energy efficient, comfortable and healthy space with low running costs. More than that, you are also doing something worthwhile to help the environment and future generations.

Employing an architect with experience of designing sustainable, energy efficient buildings is a good starting point. An architect who is also a Certified Passivhaus Designer will give you added expertise. Here at HRA we have one Certified PH Designer and all our architects have undertaken training in Passivhaus design. We regularly design buildings using Passivhaus principles and advise clients on ways to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

The Green Matrix

We developed our Green Matrix as a tool to help clients to explore the complex field of environmental measures and to target those that best suit the opportunities of their projects and the practicalities of their budgets and lifestyle.

It is designed to get you thinking: each item may need further discussion and what is good for one project may not be appropriate for another, we always encourage you to go through the various options with us.

You can download our Green Matrix here.
extension to cottage open plan space
extension to cottage open plan space
extension to cottage open plan space
extension to cottage open plan space

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